Monday, August 31, 2009

Quick Moving Average MT4 Indicator


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QQE (Qualitative Quantitative Estimation) MT4 Indicator

QQE is a combination moving average RSI + ATR. It's very useful for volatile pair such as GBP/ JPY , GBP/USD , USD/ JPY.


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Commerzbank: British pound will continue to decline

Analysts said Commerzbank, the British pound may continue to decline if the rate of inflation will continue to rise above forecasts. This will trigger the growth of concern over the fact that the Bank of England can not find the means to combat rising prices. The next report on inflation in the UK will be published on September 15. The Bank believes that these data will be of paramount importance. There is a risk that the credibility of the Bank of England will be further undermined if the following data on inflation are higher than projections. August 6 monetary authorities announced an expansion program of buying assets on an additional 50 billion pounds in order to stimulate the economy out of recession, which turned out to be deeper than previously thought. August 12th Governor of the Bank of England Mervyn King said that inflation could fall more than 1% percent below the target level of the bank, which is 2%. In July, inflation was 1.8%, which exceeded analysts' average forecast of 1.5%. As noted in Commerzbank, while other central banks are beginning to consider the possibility of exit from the policy of quantitative easing, the Bank of England, by contrast, holds additional measures for its expansion. This can not contribute to the growth of concerns about the credibility of the bank. And people doubting the correctness of their assessments require risk premiums, which leads to a weakening of the British currency. This month the pound has fallen by 3% against the euro - this is the most significant decrease among 16 major currencies. Now the euro / pound is trading at 0.8804.

RBC Capital Markets: currencies are consolidated in a thin market

As noted by analysts RBC Capital Markets, August ends in a general atmosphere of caution, when investors are reluctant to resort to decisive action and prefer to leave the funds in an asset-shelters, rather than continue with the purchase of riskier assets. The bank drew attention to a general decline in the securities markets with a significant decline in China, as well as the consolidation of currencies in terms of low volumes of trade in connection with the summer day holiday in the UK. Analysts said the bank, the Japanese yen today is the clear leader, which helped to strengthen as the growth trend away from risk as well as a significant event in the political life of the country. Pair dollar / yen is now at 93.20. Canadian dollar, by contrast, weakens against the backdrop of falling oil prices from $ 74.50 to $ 70.90 per barrel and with difficulty kept even relative to other commodity currencies. Pair dollar / Canada is currently traded at around 1.1070.

Goldman Sachs expects weakening of the yen

Japanese yen rose in trading in Asia on Monday after the Democratic Party of Japan won the elections to the lower house of parliament. In part, this growth of the Japanese currency due to expectations that after coming to power, the party will focus on increasing domestic demand, and this may affect the attitude towards the strengthening of the national currency. However, in the medium and long term if undertaken by the Japanese Democratic Party of measures to stimulate spending will lead to a deterioration of the already very fragile state of the state budget, which, according to analysts Goldman Sachs, could adversely affect the national currency. While the Democratic Party of Japan leader Yukio Hatoyama said the party formed the government in 2010 fiscal year will not raise the issue of state bonds, bank pay attention to the fact that, in reality, most of the measures taken by the new administration will require additional fiscal expansion. As a result, the state budget deficit in Japan may increase from 5.0% of GDP in fiscal year 2008 to 9.5% in 2010 fiscal year. And that could lead to lower consumer spending and increase savings rates comes amid growing public concern about the increasing budget deficit, and, accordingly, a reduction in tax revenues. Thus, currency strategist at Goldman Sachs expect weakening the yen over the medium to long term because of the deteriorating balance of payments - according to analysts the bank over the next 3-12 months pair dollar / yen will trade in the range 98 - 105. Now pair dollar / yen is near 93.00.

Deutsche Bank recommends buying the euro against the franc

According to currency strategists, Deutsche Bank, investors should buy the euro against the Swiss franc, as the basic interest rate in Switzerland will stay low for longer than in the euro area. Bank analysts note that recent comments by officials from the Swiss National Bank confirms the view that the Swiss central bank one of the last transgresses to tighten monetary policy. Since August 25, board member of the Swiss National Bank, Thomas Jordan said the central bank will continue to take measures against the national currency, noting that now is not the time to depart from the expansionary monetary policy. Swiss monetary authorities sold the franc and reduced interest rates on March 12 in order to halt the strengthening of the national currency in a time of deepening economic recession. At Deutsche Bank also noted that, based on measurements of spread between inflation-adjusted interest rates and gross domestic product, national monetary policy remains restrictive, despite the authorities' commitment to maintain rates at low levels. Given the 3-month real interest rates, now the spread is about 2.85% - the highest or most restrictive level of the second quarter of 1994. In view of the foregoing, the bank prefer to buy the euro against the Swiss franc. As the target of a pair of euro / franc bank raise the level of 1.5665 with a stop loss at 1.4925. Euro / franc is now trading at 1.5155.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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Growth in markets close to completion

Analysts Bank of America - Merrill Lynch expected the end of trading in one direction in the second half, as well as growth due to injection of liquidity, is losing momentum, and the tightening of monetary policy will benefit the currencies of countries with relatively high rates of economic growth. In such a situation Bank currency strategists decided to stop selling the euro / pound, and proceed to buy the Norwegian crown in a pair of Swedish.

Credit Suisse: market overestimates the potential growth rates RBA

Australian dollar last nine months, was among the leaders of growth among the major world currencies, but, according to analysts Credit Suisse, a triumph for the bulls will soon be left in the past. The events of recent days signal a weakening in the ranks of the positive mood of investors, which could be further developed, and the bank is advised to pay attention to the fact that market participants remain very optimistic set of expectations about the prospects of rates in Australia. Indeed, recent statements by the representatives of RBA looked quite positive for the bulls to Aoussa but as the growing concern among investors about the situation in China and the world economy as a whole, the prospects of monetary policy are likely to be subject to adjustment. The index of expectations, Credit Suisse signals that market participants expect the most rapid rate increases in Australia since 1994, and those expectations are overly optimistic: it is assumed that the rate will increase to 1.61% during the year. The Bank expects that in the near future, investors will be forced to revise their forecasts, which will have negative consequences for the Australian currency.

Westpac: the weakening of optimism in the markets to benefit the yen

Yen today once again demonstrates the growth and Sean Kallou, currency strategist Westpac, notes that, while this can be partly attributed to the liquidation of short positions against the backdrop of falling stock market, is also to draw attention to the fact that cash flows have recently become more positive for the Japanese currency. He drew attention to the fact that the Ministry of Finance of Japan indicated to reduce the interest of Japanese investors for foreign assets, while the Japanese assets in the recent demand from foreign accounts. Meanwhile, according to Kallou in the coming weeks we will probably see another bout of unrest on the prospects of strengthening the world economy that would support an increase in volatility in the market. The latter would be a very positive development for the Japanese currency, although it is noteworthy that in a couple of the dollar increase in the yen may be not so active. Moreover, Kallou drew attention to the fact that the historical volatility of the dollar, with an increase in the use of the Great location bulls than the yen, the U.S. currency was still enjoys great popularity as a safe haven asset, and another wave of risk are likely to support the growth of the dollar / yen .

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brown Brothers Harriman predicts drop in euro / dollar

The U.S. currency today continued to strengthen its position, and Marc Chandler of Brown Brothers Harriman noted that the current movement may be more than just a correction. "A bubble in the market shares of China, finally, burst ... and the world's stock markets moved to the stage of decline," - said Chandler, adding that the weakening appetite for risk is likely to continue. He remains concerned about the situation in Eastern Europe, particularly in Hungary, and he sees the risk that the anxiety about the future prospects of the region could affect the mood of investors and the dynamics of a single European currency. Meanwhile, Chandler also noted signs that the U.S. economy could begin to rebuild much more than some other countries, which will come as a surprise to many market participants, and can support the American currency, which in BBH had forecast for euro / dollar at the end of the quarter at $ 1.41 and $ 1.36 at year-end.

ING: correction of the dollar has not yet started

According to analysts ING, the forecast for the currency risk on Tuesday suggests some stability after the decline on Monday. Thus, high-yield currencies today regained some losses the previous day against the U.S. currency of refuge. Some analysts predict that early period of recovery the U.S. dollar. However, ING believes that in order to confirm the entry into a phase of a large dollar correction, it is essential that the dollar index has risen above the area of 79.50/60. Now the dollar index is at 79.30.

BNP Paribas: the pound will fall

Growth of the British currency at the data on inflation was stopped around $ 1.6467 and against the background of a fixed short-term profit, she adjusted the accounts below, but attempts to reduce again attracted buyers, and to date, bulls managed to break through to a fresh session in the area of the maximum $ 1.6480. Ofer is still around that mark, and up to $ 1.6485, but dealers noted that the desire of the major European stock indexes to rise above is encouraged by the bulls, and a further increase to $ 1.6500 and $ 1.6520 is quite possible scenarios. However, above the sixty-fifth figure is expected to enhance the activity of notable vendors, and general mood against the pound is not very positive. So camp bears have currency strategists BNP Paribas, who believed that the structure of the economy of Great Britain was no reason to expect a speedy recovery meaningful, bearing in mind that domestic demand was the main driver of growth in recent years, and now he is very weak, while the labor market continues slow. The bank noted that in these circumstances, much depends on the corporate sector, the growth of the national currency which is a very negative factor. At BNP Paribas noted that the conduct of the Bank of England shows the desire of the Central Bank to give further impetus to the economy, the prospects for tighter fiscal policy while maintaining a soft monetary threaten British currency decline. At BNP Paribas believes that the pound / dollar could fall from current levels by 10% - 15%.

Barclays Capital expects the consolidation of AUD / USD

According to analysts Barclays Capital, a pair of ascending trend AUD / USD fading, as well as the many other risky currencies. However, note in the bank, fall below a pair of recent minimum 0.8170 has not led to the development of downward movement. The bank believes that this is a signal to a consolidation before the AUD / USD once again try to start the reduction. Short-term resistance in a pair of passes at the level of 0.8330. While the AUD / USD is kept below this level might decline to support 0.8155/25, the breakthrough that the field will open the way to a level of 0.78. Now a pair AUD / USD traded at 0.8247.

UBS: Swiss Central Bank has remained quiet while lowering the euro / franc below 1.52

Yesterday, cross euro / franc fell below the psychologically important level of 1.52, and, according to analysts UBS, market participants were expecting to see any reaction from the Swiss National Bank. However, as noted in the bank, did not appear any signs of increasing nervousness central Switzerland, on the development of the situation on the currency markets. The bank believes that the Swiss National Bank is ready for the phasing-out of foreign exchange intervention in the case if the signals that the national economy out of crisis. Now the euro / franc traded at 1.5212 area.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Nordea recommends to sell pound against the yen

The British currency remained under pressure across the whole spectrum of the market, while paired with yen this helps the overall strengthening of the latter against the backdrop of rising tensions in the equity markets, and now the pound / yen traded around Y154.39. Bulls managed to find support around Y154.20, but currency strategi Nordea sees risks preserving the dynamics of a pair of negative and point out that growth is now trying to use to find opportunities for sales. The bank previously opened a short position of the foot, at Y155.63 from Y160.50, and the original intent of the area Y148.00.

Yen rising in unison with the collapse of stock markets

Yen reached their highs for the past two weeks, after the emergence of that economic statistics in Japan had fallen short of expectations, and regulatory authorities in the United States closed the five banks. As a result, investors started to close long positions in the yen crosses from within the traditional flight from risk. The most significant Japanese currency strengthened against the Norwegian krone and the Australian dollar. The negative trend in equity markets also contributed to the denial of risk transactions. "It is clear that the currency markets following the stock indexes," - note the dealers. "When stocks are falling, people are buying yen." However, at present euro / yen was confronted with a demand of 132.80, following a breakthrough will result in the movement to the base of the cloud Ishimoku at 132.50.Soglasno average forecast in a three-month dollar / yen could reach the level of 100.75, while euro / yen - 136 .

Commerzbank: pound / dollar could decline to the base of the channel

Couple pound / dollar now falling - opened just above 1.6500, the couple declined to below the 1.6350 mark. According to currency strategists Commerzbank, reducing the British pound may continue. The bank believes that a breakthrough 55-day moving average, which takes place at the 1.6435 may be considered as a sufficient signal to reduce the pound / dollar to the base of the channel at 1.6212. Attempts to increase couples believe in the bank, will stop in the 1.6710/20 - while the pound / dollar remains below this area, the bank maintained a neutral-negative short-term prognosis. Couple pound / dollar for the time being traded at 1.6330.

Rabobank: the 2 nd half-year decline in euro / dollar may continue

After the turn of the annual maximum at 1.4445 pair euro / dollar has already fallen below the level of 1.4100. According to analysts Rabobank, in the second half of this year's decline in European currencies could continue, and a pair of Euro / dollar by early 2010 could fall below the level of 1.3000. The Bank believes that as early as next month, a pair of Euro / dollar decline toward 1.3800, the next three months will continue downward movement to a level of 1.3400, and by February of 2010 reaches 1.2900. For the next year, by May 2010, currency strategists expect the Bank Rate to restore some level of 1.3100, and by August of next year may rise up to 1.3300. Now a pair of Euro / dollar was at around 1.4083.

UBS predicts decline in euro / dollar

Currency strategists UBS believes that in the next three months, the euro may decline against the U.S. currency by 8 percent. The reason is in relation to investors in the risky assets - most recently it is becoming more cautious. The bank is still waiting for the departure from the trend of increasing risk, and prognosis for the pair euro / dollar for three months, analysts have put the bank at the level of 1.30. At this time, a pair of Euro / dollar traded at around 1.4070.

Wells Fargo expects correction commodity currencies

According to analysts Wells Fargo, the mood of the market remains volatile, and left more expectations on an index of business activity in the manufacturing sector helped turn the U.S. currency of some initial trends. Overall, the Bank believes that growth in equity markets has not been backed up by economic indicators, and therefore, it is a substantial downward correction of the shares or dollar bloc currencies, ie Australian, New Zeland and Canadian dollars.

Calyon: the flight from risk may be limited to fixing the profit

On Monday, the euro fell against the dollar, along with other risk currencies, against the backdrop of the deteriorating outlook for the world economy. Nevpechatlyayuschie reports on United States and news of the bankruptcy of American investment banks back from heaven to earth. Stock markets have declined, while the most affected Chinese index, which in recent times has had a profound impact on the dynamics of currency markets. In Results, the euro has reached its monthly minimums at 1.4048. Other high-yield currencies has attracted the attention of speculators, in particular, Australian and Canadian dollars, Mexican pesos, also came under pressure. But some analysts doubt that the flight from risk is more than just fixing the profit. In fact, the data on an index of business activity Empire, went better than forecasts, resulted in a slight rollback of the euro, especially in a pair with the yen and other currencies of refuge. The report showed that manufacturing industries in New York for the first year, improved their position. "This summer, the markets have been slow to move the crosses in a given direction. Therefore, it is difficult to predict which event the week will be a sufficient catalyst to break the band," - noted analysts Calyon.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Commerzbank: euro / dollar could drop again

After the rollback of 1.4090, where the 55-day moving average, a pair of Euro / dollar rose to 1.4327, which would be slightly higher than expected at the bank level, but was unable to regain upward momentum, and fell below the 1.4300. In the short run, currency strategists expect the bank that the couple will not be able to overcome resistance at 1.4320/40 area and then come back to 1.4093. In the case of a breakthrough moving average downward movement will continue to 1.3888, where the line is a 6-month trendline. If the euro / dollar did succeed in overcoming area 1.4340, the pair could rush to the recent maximum 1.4445 and then at the top of the channel at 1.4554. At this time, a pair of Euro / dollar traded at 1.4277.

Euro / dollar declines against the backdrop of economic data from the United States

The inability of euro / dollar bridge mark 1.4300 has led to a decline in pairs, which intensified after a sudden reduction in the index of consumer sentiment from the University of Michigan (up to 63.2 in August compared with a forecast of 68.1 and 66.0 in July) - as a result of a couple found below the intraday minimum 1.4250. If the euro / dollar falls below this level, the couple could rush to the next support at 1.4200 (a minimum of 13 August), and 1.4180. In the case of an ascending movement of the initial resistance level will be 1.4300, a maximum of 13 August at 1.4325 and 1.4350/60 region. At this time, a pair of Euro / dollar was at around 1.4222.

ATR ratio MT4 Indicator

ATR indicator was created by Welles Wilder and introduced in his book “New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems”(1978)

The ATR (Average True Range) is a volatility measuring indicator measures a security's volatility. As such, the indicator does not provide an indication of price direction or duration, simply the degree of price movement or volatility.

How does the ATR work?

During more volatile markets ATR moves up, during less volatile market ATR moves down.
When price bars are short, means there was little ground covered from high to low during the day, then Forex traders will see ATR indicator moving lower. If price bars begin to grow and become larger, representing a larger true range, ATR indicator line will rise.

The ATR is the moving average of the TR for the giving period (typically 14 days)

Average True Range Formula

ATR = Moving Average (TRj, n), Where TRj = maximal modules from three values |High - Low |, |High - Closej-1 |, |Low - Closej-1 |.


ATR ratio.mq4

ASCTrend MT4 Indicator






Commerzbank: that now has a greater impact on the dollar?

What now is a great stimulus to the American dollar - the dynamics of prices on stock markets or economic data? Commerzbank currency analysts believe that at present both these factors have about the same effect. However, in the Bank believe that as far as reducing the number of investors who have not yet engaged in trade, economic data will come out in the leading position, while Commerzbank note that the outflow of dollars to other more profitable assets will be gradually reduced.

Mizuho: the weakening U.S. dollar will continue

In the second half of this week, a pair of Euro / dollar has strengthened - after the rollback of steam rose 1.4080 to 1.4300, which represents a 61.8% Fibonacci correction after the decline from 5 to 12 August. Mizuho Bank analysts believe that the week's closing level above 1.4300 will encourage further development of bull's momentum. The bank believes that the recent decline in euro / dollar was rehabilitative in nature and, consequently, would soon weaken the U.S. dollar will continue. At this time, a pair of Euro / dollar traded at 1.4272.

RBCCM: closing euro / yen below 135.34 will lead to further reduction

According to analyst RBC Capital Markets, the failure of pair euro / yen to close above 135.34 would mark the onset of Bear trend, resulting in a pair may be reduced to levels of 132.81 and 130.85. The Bank believes that such movement can trigger the growth trends in the care of the risk and lead to a decline in the stock and commodity markets. At this time, a pair of Euro / yen traded at 135.94.

ING expects reduction in euro / pound

While the nature of the Bank of England report on inflation was fairly mild, becoming a new negative sign for the bulls on the pound, currency strategists ING noted that recent events did not cause for pessimism about the prospects for the British currency. Several market participants have adjusted their expectations regarding the rates after the unexpected decision to increase the central bank of quantitative easing, but the bank's strategists believed that the Bank of England is still to start raising rates at six - nine months ahead of the ECB, and may begin to tighten monetary policy is already in the second quarter of next year. In light of the above and taking into account the increased emission of British securities, favorable to the pound in terms of increased appetite for risk, ING sees the potential for further growth of the British currency in the pair with the euro. The bank had forecast at the end of the quarter at stg0.83 and at the end of next stg0.80.

Barclays Capital expects a negative reaction to the good U.S. data for industrial production

According to analysts Barclays Capital, the volume of industrial production in the United States in July (16:30 AM EDT) will increase by more than 1.5% due to an increase in automobile production. However, note in the bank, a good report on industrial production is unlikely to have the same positive impact on the American currency, as data on the labor market last week - first, this report has less significance, and, secondly, unlike employment levels, these data are published after the meeting, FOMC. Exchange Bank analysts believe that a good report on industrial production will be support for risky assets and currencies.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

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BNP Paribas Recommends short positions on the pound / dollar

According to analysts BNP Paribas, if we compare the statement made on Wednesday, the Fed statement with quarterly reports on inflation, the Bank of England, it becomes clear that the Bank of England will continue to be more active in implementing its akkomodatsionnoy monetary policy. Thus, the bank believes that a pair of pound / dollar will likely continue to remain under pressure, on the basis of which prefer to sell at 1.6560 with a close stop order above, as well as a breakthrough at this level opens the way to a 1.67 mark, which is already in greater confidence could be to sell. Now a pair of pound / dollar was at 1.6570.

HSBC predicts the growth of the ruble and the Australian dollar

According to analysts of HSBC, in the remainder of the year the Australian dollar and Russian ruble will be strengthened vis-à-vis the U.S. currency, because China's stock market shows signs of economic recovery. Since the beginning of this year, Chinese Shanghai Composite Index rose by 72%, and by the end of this year, analysts predict growth of the bank index for another 15-20%. Such good prospects for the stock market is obliged to restore the economy. According to the forecasts of HSBC, the growth of Chinese economy in the second half of this year amounted to 9% in 2010 - 9.5%. According to the IMF, the economic growth of China in 2009 amount to 7.5% in 2010 - 8.5%. In the second quarter GDP grew by 7.9%, which exceeded analysts' forecasts - thus potentially can be the first of China's largest economies emerge from the economic downturn. All this contributes to the growth of Chinese demand for commodities. As noted in the bank, China is now the largest importer of raw materials, which obviously is a positive factor for the commodity currencies such as the Australian dollar and the Russian Ruble. Australian mineral exports to China last year was 44% (compared to 34% in 2007). Exports of oil and timber to China, Russia has increased to 33%. A pair AUD / USD now trading at 0.8393, the dollar / ruble is at a point 31.72.

BMO Capital Markets maintains a positive long-term forecast for the Canadian currency

The Canadian currency fell slightly from session highs against the backdrop of the output data on retail sales in the United States, which were worse than forecasts. As analysts have noted BMO Capital Markets, Publications of Canada today is not, therefore, the direction of the dollar / Canada will be determined by the overall mood of the market. The Bank believes that in the next few weeks, perhaps months, a pair of U.S. / Canada will keep in the range 1.0650 - 1.1150, but in the longer term, the Canadian dollar will be on the leading positions in relation to the dollar, as well as several other major currencies. At this time, a pair of dollar / Canada is traded at around 1.0833.

Commerzbank counts on growth in the euro / franc

According to analysts Commerzbank, reducing PPI index for July in Switzerland was the most significant year on year for nearly 34 years - these figures should be the confirmation of the expectations of the market, according to which the Swiss National Bank will raise rates more slowly than the ECB. Currency strategists Bank believes that in this atmosphere euro / franc is likely to grow slowly - reducing the field to a pair of 1.5250 should be seen as a good opportunity to buy in order to resume growth by 1.5380 and 1.54. Euro / Franc at the moment is traded at 1.5316.

Mizuho expects resumption of the downward trend of U.S. dollar

On Wednesday, a pair of Euro / dollar returned to the area above the level of 1.4200, after reducing to a minimum of two weeks during the previous days, which analysts believe Mizuho corrective movement. The Bank believes that as soon as possible weakening U.S. dollar will continue: the euro is no longer overbought, while one-implied volatility of near-money increased slightly, with a maximum price of last week is correct, and the mean long-term down trend in the U.S. currency would soon resume. With respect to intraday strategy, analysts recommend buying the bank at the 1.4260 level with stronger positions in the stop order below 1.4200 and 1.4080. Short-term objectives of foreign exchange strategists Mizuho put levels 1.4300 and 1.4400. At this time, a pair of Euro / dollar traded at around 1.4265.

Barclays Capital: the pound / dollar will remain in the range until the end of the week

According to analysts Barclays Capital, the most clear momentum is now showing a pair Pound / dollar. As noted in the bank, on Wednesday in support 1.6440/1.6340 defended his title, and now to the end of the week, the pound / dollar is likely to remain in the range between 1.64 and 1.6750. At this time, a pair of pound / dollar trading at around 1.6595 as compared to August at a minimum level of 1.6393.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

AMA optimized final Slope MT4 Indicator


AMA optimized final Slope.mq4

AltrTrend MT4 Indicator



AltrTrend_Signal_v2_2 MT4 Indicator



GRaB Indicator for MetaTrader

GRaB indicator (green, red, blue) for MetaTrader is a visual hint intended to reflect the movement of prices on the canal. The indicator shows whether the price inside, above or below the channel, and depending on this, paint bars. The channel is formed by three sliding EMA with a period of 34 built by 3m price different time-series - High, Close and Low. Despite the extreme simplicity of this indicator, including its code, the usefulness of this development seems to be rather high.

The second title of the indicator GRaB - Raghee's Indicator, on behalf of its creator, Raghee Horner - a trader, author and manager of capital. Two of the books, "Forex Trading for Maximum Profit" and "Thirty Days of Forex Trading", published by Wiley and Sons, enjoy stable demand. It is a leading trader at

Set indicator

To use an indicator, unzip and copy Raghee's Indicator.mq4 a folder indicators. C: \ Program Files \ MetaTrader (the name depends on your version of MT4) \ experts \ indicators

This indicator - not the system or is not it. Ideas about the system might be in monitoring the movement of prices in relation to the channel (wave). Because of how the price compares with dynamic support and resistance of this channel, you can draw a lot of visual signals.

We build 3 Exponential Moving Average EMA (34) on the values of high, close and low - and they form a channel.
The main idea of this indicator - color candles to mark the moments when the price is above, below or within the channel. Green is marked by a candle that closed above the upper border of the channel, blue - those that have closed within the channel, and red - to close below the lower limit.

Signals may be a candle, break the upper boundary to move up (purchase) or a candle, break down the channel (sales). Blue Candles - neutral and warned that soon may be a signal. Blue candles can be displayed when the market is in a sideways motion or with the rebound from support or resistance.
It is useful in applying the trading strategy Wave / CCI, and may be useful in strategies based on the channels from several EMA.

Using - Theory

1st Option Strategy Wave / CCI
Construct 3 indicator EMA (34) for the high, low, close and the CCI 20/100. Log in LONG when price opens above the 2nd EMA and the CCI is 100, entrance to the SHORT at the opening below the 2nd EMA and CCI is -100. Out of the transactions and rasstavlenie foot, at the discretion of the trader.

2nd version of the strategy Wave / CCI
The signal to buy (LONG) when:
- The current candle to close above MA (34) (high)
- Previous candle also closed above MA (34) (high)
- CCI> 0
- Histogram MACD> 0 has at least 2 bars
Closing the deal LONG, when the CCI crosses the zero level

The signal to sell (SHORT) when:
- The current candle closed below MA (34) (low)
- Previous candle also closed below MA (34) (low)
- CCI <0
- Histogram MACD <0 already at least 2 bars
Closing the deal SHORT, when the CCI crosses the zero level

Use - Practice

In the theory of everything, of course, looks smooth, but without practice, as is known, the theory is worthless. Especially in the Forex. So, try to test the indicator. Switch the type of schedule to the "bars".

The first thing you will notice when using the real - is lagging draw at 1 bar, so the 1 is a beautiful and large red / green bar to the transaction system is impossible.

Second - redrawing the last rectangle. You see, the last picture on the left box - the blue, and right - already red. So do not be surprised if the signal first appears, then disappears. To repaint the system of trade means that the position should be opened only after the complete formation of the bar. Given the lag of one bar indicator and moving the first box we get a delay of 2 bar.

With a longer observation of the indicator, it appears that the redrawn not only the last bar, but the previous one. So do not believe what you see - an indicator for the beautiful stories, but much worse in real time. Analysis of the code shows that, in principle, can be redrawn, not only the last 2 bars, but more distant rectangles.

Implementation Strategy

While the indicator and redrawn, but it's still no reason to discard strategy. Let's try to test one of its options in the MT. To do so, was written by an expert called RH (Raghee Horner), who, along with GRaB Indicator can be downloaded at the end. Some transactions conducted by an expert on the history, look very attractive.

A total yield since the beginning of this year on EURUSD with parameters TP = 100 SL = 100 was in the vicinity of 100% when trading 1 lot. Although Drawdown, it is necessary to notice, was serious. According to the schedule shows that the strategy is working well since April of this year.

This expert RH can be used to risk and the real work, but for greater sustainability is to work on optimizing it, but if you have skills in mql4 - even over the algorithm.


Indicator GRaB a very beautiful, and lies within the idea of trading in line with the channel - a profitable idea. But this indicator repaint make trading more comfortable on it only in history, a real-time need, or sell without the lights - on the relationship between the moving averages, bars and the CCI, or do not sell.

But the strategy itself has the right to life, which is proved by testing, without fitting in, in a sense, the standard parameters.


GRaB indicator (8.4 kB)

Variants of the developments after the FOMC decision

According to analysts Barclays Capital, for the federal funds rate today is unlikely to be subject to revision, and hence all the attention of market participants focused on the accompanying statement. The bank believes that the likelihood of positive growth in the second half of 2009 will be more optimistic assessment. And, therefore, no action to increase the program of quantitative easing will not be accepted. According to bank analysts, such a decision could be viewed as a first step towards the normalization of U.S. policy, which means it would support the U.S. currency. On the other hand, according to analysts Brown Brothers Harriman, if the FOMC statement will lead to a weakening of speculation about possible rate increases in the first quarter of next year or if the Fed decides to increase government purchases. bonds, the possibility of weakening the U.S. dollar will increase.

Mitsubishi UFJ on the possible reaction of the euro / dollar at the FOMC decision

According to analysts Mitsubishi UFJ Securities, a pair of Euro / dollar traded within a narrow range, as many market participants are not sure of the reaction couple of the positive statements by FOMC for the American economy. There is a chance to strengthen the U.S. currency against the euro, when the Fed announced that the pace of recovery of the U.S. economy exceeds projections - as it was on Friday last week, when good data on the level of employment is not with the agricultural sector have increased the expectations of imminent rate hikes and, consequently, resulted in reduction of euro / dollar. On the other hand, if market participants will focus on attitudes towards risk, the good data on the U.S. economy will support sensitive to the risk of the euro, resulting in the euro / dollar rises. The U.S. economy has an impact on the pace of recovery of world economy - if this factor is more important, increasing the "appetite for risk will lead to an increase in euro / dollar. At this time, a pair of Euro / dollar was at around 1.4161.

Commerzbank: reducing euro / franc will be limited

The pair euro / franc could not find strong support above the 4-month resistance level at 1.5352 and, apparently, at this moment has reached its maximum. Commerzbank currency strategists consider a possible reduction to a pair of 55-day moving average at 1.5185, or 200-day moving average at 1.5129. Nevertheless, the Bank believes that these levels will not be passed, and the couple restored. Bank analysts note that while the euro / franc remains above the level of 1.5129, a long-term upward projection of the pair remains in force. Now a pair of euro / franc traded at 1.5277.

Barclays Capital on the prospects for the pound

According to analysts Barclays Capital, a pair Pound / dollar is trying to enter in an important area of support, which is located between the levels of 1.6340 and 1.6430 - a breakthrough that the field could be a signal to turn the trend. While the pound / dollar remains above the last level, bottom-up attitude pair remains. Subsequently, the motion may limit the range of 1.64 - 1.66. In the case of a breakthrough level of 1.6340 or fall below the trendline support at 1.6375 decline may continue up to 1.58. Regarding the euro / pound, the Barclays Capital currency strategists pay attention to the not very impressive growth in pairs, in spite of the appearance last week, signs of the formation of ground. Resistance in a couple of passes at the level of 0.86, in the case of closure above the trend line, which runs at 0.8622, you can further increase to 0.8700. Nevertheless, the couple is still below the last level by the end of the month possibly testing support at 0.8490. Now a pair of Euro / pound traded at 0.8606. Couple pound / dollar is now at around 1.6445.

Barclays Capital: evidence fixing profits continue to appear

According to analysts Barclays Capital, continued to show evidence that the fixed income market participants. Securities declined slightly since the recent growth, and Japanese yen has risen significantly in the cross-rates - the euro / yen back into the middle of a broader five-band. According to bank analysts, the question is whether the fixation increase profits. Currency strategists Barclays Capital sees the risks of a larger correction, if the Dow Jones index closes below the 9200 mark Brent oil falls below $ 71 a barrel, while the pound / dollar falls below 1.6430. On Tuesday, the Dow closed at 9241, Brent crude oil now trading at around 72.03, a couple of pound / dollar is at 1.6464.

Surprise from the Fed might cause to fall U.S.

The dollar could weaken if the United States after the Fed FOMC meeting today unexpectedly announced that he would continue to buy assets, analysts said UBS. "Surprise at the front of purchases of assets, or more peaceful than the market expects, the statement FOMC, can cool the optimism of market participants after the Friday publication of payroll for non-agricultural sector of the U.S. economy, which will have pressure on the dollar", - said Ashley Davies, currency strategist UBS in Singapore. This expert believes that in the case of a new wave of risk aversion, the dollar could benefit as the currency of security. This status is the American currency is not lost.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The market in anticipation of tomorrow's events

The American dollar rose slightly after the data, according to which the labor productivity in the 2 nd quarter grew, while labor costs declined. The pair euro / dollar came close to the intraday minimum 1.4123. However, the Japanese yen against the U.S. currency continued to decline. It should be noted that trade is now in a fairly narrow range - the market players cautiously awaiting two key events this week. First, the decision on rates FOMC (Wednesday, 22:15 AM EDT) - Fedrezerv hardly intend to change interest rates. But investors are concerned about what would make a sudden decision after the Central Bank of England last week to increase the purchase of state. bonds by 50 billion pounds. Secondly, tomorrow the Bank of England publishes a report on inflation (Wednesday, 13:30 MSK), which may shed light on the reasons for the decision rendered by the CBR on the introduction of additional measures of quantitative easing.

BBH: the demand for the dollar declined slightly

During the European session the U.S. dollar generally declined against the background of weakening demand for currency created after the data on the level of employment in July, which were better than forecasts, and the subsequent cover short positions. However, currency analysts Brown Brothers Harriman noted that this general decline in demand, there are three exceptions: first, the weakening of the pound is an independent factor, as market participants expect the encouraging quarterly report on inflation, a publication which will be held tomorrow at 13:30 AM EDT , secondly, the Canadian dollar continues to demonstrate not so good results, and, thirdly, the overall decline in the U.S. dollar does not apply to emerging markets, where the steady strengthening.

The sad truth about the Japanese yen

Since the beginning of the global credit crisis, financial markets are accustomed to consider the yen as a safe asset, buying it as a liquid hedging instrument, together with the United States government bonds (and Swiss franc), but the situation has changed. We approach the second anniversary of the start of the credit crisis, we are not only beginning to make sure that the worst seems to have passed, and gradually forget about the problems associated with the yen. At this very time two years ago, the dollar / yen traded at 118.00, which is 20% above the current rate. If you reflect on the value of other financial assets, especially in comparison to past levels, the current rate of the yen did not seem so very strange. Thus, S & P 500, for example, then was in 1467, which is 40% higher than now. Gold cost $ 670 per ounce. Compared with them, even the yen may be severely underestimated, but faces look closely. To evaluate the systemic financial risks, we expect the index as the index of financial stress GS (GS-FSI). After a slow but sure growth in early summer, the index began to decline markedly, approximately coincided with the emergence of problems with cash funds, then rvanul up against the backdrop of the collapse of Lehman fall. To our delight, the index is again reduced to the levels recorded in May 2007. This shows that thanks to the decisive actions of the authorities, was able to reduce systemic risks. If so, why yen strengthened?

This issue becomes even more relevant against the backdrop of the fact that some fundamental factors that are important for the yen, much worse in the crisis. The latest report on the trade balance in the United States showed that the trade deficit between the U.S. and Japan in May fell to 1.9 billion dollars. This is the lowest level since February 1984. This month, the dollar / yen, by the way, trading in the range of Y232-Y235. Most of the time course of the dollar / deutsche mark, and then, consequently, the dollar / euro, reflects the "financial mood", while the dollar / yen has been motivated by trade flows. If the situation has not changed, the yen did not place at current levels. Go even deeper. In Japan, there are no more surpluses of current account and trade balance. Moreover, the sharp decline in exports during the crisis led to several critical months. Thanks to the restoration of world trade, the country's finances back into a slight positive, but the dynamics of the past has disappeared. If excluded from the calculation of trading positions on the road sector, during the past 18 months in Japan, there is a deficit of 0 to 2% of GDP. Taking into account the ability of Japanese automakers to move production closer to markets, we can assume that the current rate of the yen, they did so. (In China for the Chinese market in the UK for Europe, and so on). If this trend would develop, an advantage that allowed Japan to maintain the overall balance of trade surplus quickly evaporated.

If you look to the structure of the balance of payments of Japan, a culture of savings and, of course, the fiscal dynamics, all will become clear. In the mid and late 1990's, it was considered that the yen should be drastically reduced. However, the arguments given in support of the allegations ahead of time for 10 years. Those who closely followed the balance of payments of Japan, strongly questioned the adequacy of this opinion. Perhaps now is the time to revive it. Such praises savings rate in Japan has steadily decreased and is now less than 2%, while quick to credit the household refuse to the U.S. raised its up to 4.6%. Yes, it is pure truth. According to the latest data, American households save more than the Japanese. All the Japanese have savings invested in financial instruments. High U.S. government. bonds, assets denominated in Brazilian Real and the Turkish lira - this is the modern sons of the Land of the Rising Sun. In this regard, a steady outflow of funds in the overall portfolio of stocks and bonds, but in Japan there deftsit balance of payments in the broad sense (taking into account the combination of current account, net foreign direct investment and portfolio capital flows). Over the past 12 months, a deficit of 6% of GDP in Japan, more than 2 times higher than in the United States. So, whether we have chosen the United States and Britain as the principal debtors? We estimate that next year's ratio of debt to GDP in Japan may exceed 200%, more than two times more than in any other developed country. Now that the savings rate is lower than in the United States, the country will have to think about raising capital. And then where the Japanese government wants to see the yen? At Y195 or Y95?

Jim O 'Neil, the chief economist of Goldman Sachs,
From The Financial Times

adxdon MT4 Indicator



All Woodies CCI MT4 Indicator


All Woodies CCI.mq4

All Bands Stop MT4 Indicator


All Bands Stop.mq4

AllAverages_v2.3 MT4 Indicator



Monday, August 10, 2009

ACD_PV MT4 Indicator



Accelerator LSMA MT4 Indicator


Accelerator LSMA.mq4

Doji Arrows MT4 Indicator


Doji Arrows.mq4

Donchian Channels MT4 Indicator

Donchian channels are price channel studies that are available on most charting packages and can be profitably applied by both novice and expert traders. Although the application was intended mostly for the commodity futures market, these channels can also be widely used in the FX market to capture short-term bursts or longer-term trends. Created by Richard Donchian, considered to be the father of successful trend following, the study contains the underlying currency fluctuations and aims to place profitable entries upon the start of a new trend through penetration of either the lower or upper band. Based on a 20-period moving average (and thus sometimes referred to as a moving average indicator), the application additionally establishes bands that plot the highest high and lowest low. As a result, the following signals are produced:

* A buy, or long, signal is created when the price action breaks through and closes above the upper band.
* A sell, or short, signal is created when the price action breaks though and closes below the lower band.


Donchian Channels.mq4

VolFix - Program For The Trading By Volumes

VolFix - Analytical trading platform with non-standard graphical user interface for analyzing the market based on the volume of transactions. VolFix provides opportunities visualization and structural processing of transactions on electronic trading exchanges SME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange), SWOT (Chicago Board of Trade), NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange), NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), MICEX (Moscow Interbank Currency Echange), RTS Stock Exchange. The platform features innovative opportunities to work with futures contracts.

With VolFiks can analyze futures contracts on major currencies (eg EUR, GBP, JPY), indexes (S & P500, NASDAQ), in the U.S. and Russian actions (Gazprom, Lukoil and others).

VolFix What's new?

VolFix offers a new standard for working with historical data. Processing and visualization of volume - a new technological level in the software designed for electronic trading in futures.

Visualization of the volume is seriously changing opportunities to develop and implement trading strategies. No prior market transparency is the revolutionary advantages in relation to the standard methods of display. Access to historical data for more than 600 days creates a space to study the methods of structuring data.

VolFix way of structuring data using Market Profile, created in the early 1980's Peter Staydlmeyerom, a member of the Chicago Chamber of Commerce.

Available box news from leading news agencies in English.

The platform has a feature floor and change of trade orders (orders), which allows you to open positions and maintain records of trade transactions.

The original graphical user interface resembles the era of the old stock exchange terminals and at the same time, it is very functional. To work with VolFix better to have more than one monitor (optimally 3-4) and a screen more than 1024x768 (1280x800).

Volumes Ideology

Markets is not enough just to see one price. Many traders use technical analysis indicators, which are a superposition or a derivative of the real market price, and can detract from an understanding of its movements.

In all markets, the price is based on supply and demand. High demand (and hence high price) is that the buyers make the real deal, and these prices are concentrated directly form the volume. Useful, what are the volumes of money for specific prices. Prices are where there are large volumes, which form their levels on which you can take commercial decisions.

VolFix takes stock quotes on the basis of which gives different synthetic parameters: for example, delta (delta) - the difference between the demand (bid) and offers (ask).

In any transaction there are 3 main parameters: price, volume, time. The analysis of these 3 parameters and the objective is to determine.

Types of graphs in VolFix

Along with the usual Bar Charts in VolFikse has several innovative types of graphs.

Tick Sluster Charts

Analysis of the transparency of prices to trades completely changed after the appearance of Level II quotes and market depth Depth of Market (DOM). Graphs Tick cluster provide price transparency for the completion of trades through the demonstration of activity on prices and volume at one point and at any given time range.

Tick cluster - that is a price filled in the chart in its own color, which indicates the amount of any other stock exchange statistics. If you combine these cells together, you get the bar, much like any candle, or a histogram. The main difference, and, consequently, the advantage Tick cluster is that it shows the processes occurring inside the bar, and displays important information such as volume of transactions, the pressure of buying and selling, as well as filter by color.

The benefits of scheduling Tick cluster include an opportunity to see the formation of a new market movement: where the market sets the price, and who of the participants (buyer or seller), is trying to influence the price. Thus, Tick Cluster Charts - this market under the microscope.

Also available in quantities of ticks for intraday trading intraday. Options analytical platform designed primarily to facilitate the task of finding the correct inputs and outputs, as well as a good indicator of wins and losses (P / L) by a clear structuring and filtering ticks volumes.

Cluster Charts

During a change of trend at the extremum appears large volume of trades. Trader-bull, which is in a long position can be found only at the point of entry levels, where a large amount of mass said closing position and spread. But traders, bears (the leading bid for a fall), is activated when the market rises to the point of capitulation. In the place where the greatest volume of trades, is always the top or bottom of the trend.

Cluster Chart function allows traders to see when and how high / low volume of trades affected the price, thereby ensuring the transparency of pricing.

This distinguishes it from the bar graph showing the volume of trades on the timeline. Display volume on the timeline can not give an accurate price and a certain amount of time to take positions. Cluster Chart feature helps the trader to determine the priority price levels, larger volumes, with the option FilterSetup, will be allocated to selected color.

Such a system is the visualization of the volume of modern technology to identify the price range for the best sale or purchase. You can perform the monitoring of the proposed (bid) / ask (ask) prices.

Combo Bar Charts

Combo-Combo Bar charts identify trends or to identify price patterns in any time period: for example, to impose on each other a few days per week schedules, or to consider the change of trends within the day of the interval of several hours.

System Requirements

For correct operation VolFix recommended:

Processor: CoreDuo 1,8 MHz
RAM: 1024 Mb
Operating system: Windows Vista, XP, 2000
Internet: from 512 kb / s
Screen resolution: from 1152x864
Connecting to a computer system from at least four monitors

Trial access and conditions of use VolFix

Free trial access to the 10-minute delayed quotes:
Username: DEMO
Password: DEMO

Real-time version of "Market Profile":
Username: MPROFILE
Password: MPROFILE

If you entered the program and there is no data (even when you press the button WATCH), this may be because the stock exchange, where trading tool selected is currently closed and no quotations. Try a different time interval.

The program is updated automatically when you start checking for new versions online.

Monthly fee for the use of the program ranges from $ 300 to $ 3000 per month depending on the set of tools.

In the preparation of this article have been used materials and screenshots from the forum